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Dapatkan buku cetak. Belanja Buku di Google Play Jelajahi eBookstore terbesar di dunia dan baca lewat web, tablet, ponsel, atau ereader mulai hari ini. The Wizards War. Selena McGrady. AuthorHouse , 19 Sep - halaman. When young Titas awakens to find a stranger wandering into his home his world is turned into something akin to the grand stories his mother tells.

Within days Titas finds himself battling for his life but he and his family are not the only ones in danger. Far to the northwest an army encampment is ambushed. In the desperate struggle that ensues the fates of three soldiers and Titas are entwined in a great war for survival and freedom.

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Anyone can be a wizard. Ready to hire a wizard?

Just enter a name and POOF! And if their name has a W in it, they might just meet our Wizard…. A job interview with a difference. Download the form. Tags Activities for kids aged Activities for kids aged Share with friends. Roots was truly an inspiration to us all, another reason why I have to prevail in the end.


The Wizard of Oz (1939)

Brainy and I ran right next to George and as I stood there I felt apart of an unstoppable team. Be careful competitors. On your mark, Get Ready, GO! Running through the field, I felt so powerful, alive and then my face smashed into an invisible magical barrier. We ran and ran until we finally ran into that monster the announcer talked so much about.

Just when I was about to cast a spell to destroy it I was in front of everyone and I could see the finish line up ahead.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Character List

Before I knew it I was hit with an Thixix spell and there I laid on the floor. I was about to get up and start running, but George zoomed past me while Brainy picked me up off the floor. An air horn went off, George did it. He crossed the finish line and we won the first part of the competition. While Brianna was carrying me to the finish line I felt a sharp pain in my foot.

I screamed, I felt like I was being attacked from within. She ran to headmistress with me in her arms. Headmistress ordered me to bedrest and even though I was the one everyone felt bad for I knew I had let a number of people down, especially Brianna. As I laid there, I felt extremely helpless.

Brainy and George were out practicing while I was stuck here waiting for a nurse to bring me pain reliever. I thought that there has to be a healing spell somewhere in that book to help me get back on my feet. I felt like that too, I just wanted to crawl up under a rock and live there for the rest of my life. I walked on crutches and I felt like a nobody, at this point all I wanted to do was run away and go home. When I think about it there is nothing wrong with that.

Tonight, I would run away, back to home. I grabbed my towel and got into the shower. I pretended to fall asleep as she walked away. I had set my phone alarm to pm and put it on vibrate so I could know when to get up. I got up, got my bag from under the bed and ran out of the nursery, but quietly. I could see the exit doors were so close and I would be home soon, but then I listened to George and I saw his point, so I stayed.

Wonder Words: The Complete Course - Wonder Wizards

The next day, I was still laying in the hospital bed thinking about what had happened last night. Did I make the right decision? I couldn't believe they were here. Kayla walked in and she looked particularly happy for some reason. I guess it was just an all around good day. Everyone roared with excitement as I walked out of the small clinic. I was so excited to see my friends again and be out of that nasty medicine smelling clinic.

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Even the headmistress, Mrs. James, greeted me outside of the clinic doors and told me that she was so excited that I would be able to practice again with Brianna and George. After all the greetings, I went to my dorm and it felt like home. Then the door opened, it was Aria. I reached over and gave Aria a huge hug. I let it go. Maybe I have finally accepted the injury I had during the race. After healing my homesickness, I walked outside my dorm to see Brainy and George waiting for me.

I bet you might be wondering why Brainy, George, and I were yelling at each other. Why are we even trying this stupid insane method?

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As I furiously walked out the door I bumped into my brother, Nixen. Everyone was either in the library, auditorium, and the practice room casting spells and I was the only person out on the field. It was pm so the guards were out on break. I decided to just walk around and look at the garden or the roots or maybe practice some spells on my own. Obviously I chose the third options. Usually power increases came when you graduated the academy, but mines came sooner for some reason.

This was definitely something I need to talk to Aria about. Aria turned around and looked at me. I got up and I cast a spell. Two hours, four, it felt like forever. Nothing on how my increased before I even graduated the academy. Nixen and Aria are getting married, Brainy would probably get married to Jimmy, and George will probably have his own little secret relationship in the end.

Reality had hit, I was alone, forever.