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Tears and saliva stains around his eyes and mouth. As Jonathon Blake, he was a very withdrawn person and an introvert but he also had a very creative soul. He took good care of his four younger siblings when their parents were away. But now, as The Puppeteer, he is extremely manipulative, charming and a smooth talker to his victims.

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He is also narcissistic, greedy, cruel, stubborn, and only does everything for his own gain. For most killers it comes down to quantity over quality, Puppeteer is the opposite.

The Puppeteer

He takes his time finding a vulnerable target and spends weeks following them around. In rare cases, it may take up to several months.

What Is a Headless Browser and Why Is It Needed?

The more exposed they are to his presence, the faster they fall into depression. Puppeteer will do his best to persuade them that there's nothing worth living for, and his way of ending their loneliness is going to be the best thing that's ever happened to them. To be killed by him or continue their self loathing ways to which they often agree with. If they choose to be killed Puppeteer will use various ways to finish them off - some including strangulation by his strings, having them jump to their death, or anything that comes to his mind at the time.

The hallucinations they'll have during the act can vary from either him breaking their bones, dancing with them, or pulling out their muscles. To any outside eyes, the victim's death will be presented as suicide. This often results in a domino effect, and from there he can continue to the next victim.

The Puppeteer mod for Diablo II: Lord of Destruction

Once he gets bored, he will move to another area and start from scratch. His murderous tendencies stemmed from when his own energy would run low, rendering him unable to function properly. Starting out he would often spend little time chasing down his victims and just kill them on the spot, which always resulted in not being completely fed in the end. Energy lasting for about days He slowly learned that spending more time with his victims would result the energy he gained from that kill lasting a longer period of time.

However, his real reason for killing lays much more deeper than just gaining energy to function. In a way, he wishes to bring upon others what he once experienced and felt as a human. He feels betrayed and instead of working through his bitterness, he acts out upon others to bring them down the same way. Granted, with a stubborn mind the Puppeteer can endure long periods of just waiting for things to happen. He has never been one to rush things, even if the situation would call for it. Being a master of persuasion he can often twist the minds of victims, causing them to see things from his point of view.

The Puppeteer is very skilled with handling his strings as a weapon and an overall tool for when needed.

The Puppeteer Escape Game Nürnberg | Final Escape

They are able to pierce through flesh if needed, but not any other material such as wood, metal, concrete. As he needs to be able to sustain and hold the weight of his victims, his strings are fairly strong and will not snap easy. The code is pretty self-explanatory. To begin, a headless Chrome browser is launched, a new page is opened, the URL for that page is set to Google, a screenshot is taken for posterity and the browser is closed. The whole thing is clean, elegant, asynchronous and wrapped within an IIFE immediately invoked function expression so as soon as the script is called, the function runs.

The second Puppeteer example goes to a website the fun retail website, ThinkGeek, in this case and makes the site page it visits into a PDF. Pretty simple. Now that Puppeteer is running, I want to call out some awesome tools that are built into it to make debugging it much less painful. Turn Off Headless Mode. This is a cinch. Inside the script where Puppeteer is launched pretty much the first thing that happens when the script runs , just add the following line: puppeteer.

The Puppeteer

Enable SlowMo. It can be instantiated in the same command where headless is set to false for Puppeteer; the puppeteer.

viniciusserafim.com Just add puppeteer. Auto-Open DevTools Panel. The third debugging trick I have is how to tell Puppeteer whether to auto-open a Chrome DevTools panel with each tab. So if you need to, you can catch things being logged to the console inside the automated test run. Once again, inside the initial command launching Puppeteer, add in puppeteer.

Note: If this option is true , the headless option will be set false. You can even console. Right after the page object is defined in the Puppeteer script, you can do:. That should help get you on your way to debugging your Puppeteer headless Chrome instances and tests like a pro. In addition to debugging Puppeteer, I wanted to point out a few more cool features that it offers. The team really wants to make it useful to devs in many ways.

React is my current JavaScript framework of choice and it seems the same for many JS developers , so I created a quick setup and test script using the two together, also housed in the my sample Github repo here. Right above the scripts in the file, I added this snippet, and inside the scripts , I included a test command which just runs Jest.

From my repo, I set up the NPM script to run the jest command when npm run test is entered into the terminal. When it finds my test file entitled google. Puppeteer is a powerful tool developed by the Google DevTools team to make headless, automated browser testing easier in every way. Thanks for reading, I hope this gives you an idea of how to get started using Puppeteer for your own end-to-end testing and integrating with React and Jest tests.