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As you peruse the menu, all-the-while changing your mind umpteen times, start your island experience with a refreshing glass of Caribbean Red Stuff , a lively herbaceous elixir made from sorrel, a perennial herb which grows in the region. There are only two items—curry chicken and jerk pork—on the lunch menu, but if the enterprising chicken has dinner options ready, you can also order from the dinner menu. Daily specials are also available.

Must-have items from the starters start with the Caribbean Mango Habanero Chicken Wings , six luscious wings lacquered with a gleaming red-orange sauce. That sauce is both more pulchritudinous and more piquant than Buffalo wing sauce.

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The combination of sweet fruity mango and sweet-piquant Habanero is pure dynamite. Six wings per order are enough to addict you to these fried fowl wings laced with addictive deliciousness and enough heat to get those endorphins going. Almost as wonderful are the Virgin Island Spicy Ribs , a half-dozen of the most meaty and delicious ribs this side of Jamaica. Our benchmark—the standard of excellence—by which we judge jerk chicken is Talking Drums , the delightful West African gem about two miles west of this restaurant.

In fact, my Kim was grateful for the small ramekin of jerk sauce served on the side.

The jerk chicken is served with a vegetable medley and rice. As with chicken feet, goat takes a lot of time, effort and care to eat. The curry is delicious, albeit a bit on the watery side. It could use more of those perfectly prepared potatoes and maybe some carrots.