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Tabby Tales Rescue in Savannah, Georgia

The promise of spring began to turn into the long days of summer when a mom named Loretta came by the shelter with her three children, including her son, Andrew, a young boy who suffered from seizures. It was this boy who had noticed Tabby on the shelter website. What drew him to her was the note on her profile explaining that she had special needs.

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As a special needs child, he identified with Tabby and insisted they pay her a visit. With three active young boys, including a toddler, this well-meaning family hardly seemed like the ideal fit for Tabby.

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They were shown other more suitable dogs to consider for adoption, ones that did not startle easily and sometimes nip. He would not leave without his dog and as far as he was concerned, Tabby was that dog.

After having a long and very frank conversation with Loretta about our concerns that Tabby might nip a child, we reluctantly suggested that the family try fostering Tabby before making a permanent commitment, fully expecting them to call us the next day asking to bring her back. Call us they did, but only to tell us they loved her and wanted to adopt her. Tabby had, indeed, nipped everyone in the family, but no harm was done and they took it all in stride.

They agreed to continue to foster her for the next week. At the end of that week, mom and son were at the shelter when we opened to sign all of the adoption paperwork. Through tears, Loretta told us about the bond that had developed between her special needs son and his special needs dog. Where once Andrew suffered from four or more seizures a day, he had not had a single one since Tabby came home with them. He was no longer afraid to go to bed at night, as he had no fear of the terrifying seizures that would wake him from sleep. It was clear that this once lost, broken little dog had not only found a happy home, a family and a child who loved her, she had found a purpose.

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Her boy went almost two weeks without having a single seizure. Although fewer in number and further between, the seizures did eventually return. Then something truly magical happened. Tabby began to alert Andrew before each seizure. This allowed him to prepare by getting into a safe place and position. So Tabby, our little wretch of a dog, a dog with so many challenges and few options, a dog that most other shelters would have euthanized, found her perfect home with a boy who needed her as much as she needed him.

Tabby, our blind, deaf, fourteen-year-old Cocker Spaniel, had not only found her perfect home, but her perfect job, where she enriched, enlivened, encouraged and inspired a young boy. Together these two indefatigable spirits marched bravely on. They supported and cared for one another for two years until Tabby closed her eyes for the final time.

Andrew and his family mourned her passing, but also cherished their time together. The bravery she inspired and the selfless nurturing shared between them are memories that live on, as does her spirit, forever etched in the memories of those who were touched by this remarkable dog.

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The Tale of Tabby You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late. In order to protect the rights of the copyright holder, no portion of this publication may be reproduced without prior written consent. All rights reserved.

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More stories from our partners. September 26, We were able to purchase items to help with enrichment for cats in foster care.

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We purchased five aromatherapy essential-oil diffusers, five Serenity Blend and Lavender essential-oil bottles, five Peek and Play toy boxes, five Snacky Mouse treat dispensers and four varieties of Kuranda cat beds. The items purchased with the Adoption Options in Action grant are helping our cats to be more comfortable and relaxed in their foster homes.

The essential oils help the cats adjust to new locations and create a relaxing, peaceful aroma that eases anxiety in the cats. The Peek and Play boxes and the treat dispensers are helping to keep the cats stimulated while they have to spend time alone, either due to isolation while treating an illness or just if their foster parents are away for a long period of time.

Tabby Tales

And the Kuranda beds are a great option for the cats to have something to sleep on that is not on the floor and can easily be cleaned and disinfected. Maddie is a cat who has a hard time adjusting to new environments. She has been in the rescue for a long time searching for the perfect home, and a few months ago her foster mom moved out of state.