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Don't include them in the split at all. One day they'll be able to really join the party and that salad split among all of you will cost you each a pittance. Leave a meal feeling like a true friend, like you've gotten closer, and having improved your friendship.


That's the whole point of going out. Remember, true friendship is never an even split. Some days you give, and some days you get. Originally from Yorkshire, in the north of England, he now lives in Brighton, a hip coastal city in whose numerous bars and restaurants he's never knowingly paid more than his fair share. Fail to agree who's paying and you'll be left with a bitter taste. The etiquette of how to divide the bill after a restaurant meal can be an unsettling experience for the unprepared, and a depressing one for the impoverished.

If you're not careful you can go home with a burning sensation in your pocket, and a bitter taste in your mouth. But it needn't be so difficult to get right, and to help you navigate the ethical minefield, here is my tried and tested guide.

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The main thing to remember is that you should never agree to split the bill equally with your fellow diners. It's just wide open for abuse. Because while you might choose from the menu frugally -- selecting tap water and an omelet for example -- you know the world doesn't work like that.

And if you don't, you should by now. And Cognac.

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  7. Look at the smug feeling on their faces, too -- because they know that you're subsidizing their slap-up meal. At the end of the evening, the bill comes.

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    And your heart sinks when you realize your share is five times what you'd budgeted for. It's too late to start getting your calculator out at this stage though and working out what your modest platter cost. You knew the rules, and you've been had! Next time you go out on the town to break bread with your friends then, don't beat about the bush, or feel guilty that you can't pay a week's wages on one meal. If someone has deeper pockets, or a monster appetite, that's up to them.

    Just agree beforehand that everyone pays for just what they consume, then no one goes home with burning feelings of resentment. He later sent a message of congratulations to the villagers when the border reopened in The decision to keep a m piece of the wall perpetuated interest in the village long after the Cold War ended.

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    While this border between the federal states of Bavaria and Thuringia is harder for day-trippers to spot, it results in a number of important differences between the two sides. They have different postcodes, car registrations and dialling codes. There are two mayors. Some public holidays are different. And for village children, it can even determine which school they attend. The border also influences identity. In a country founded on federalism, this is an important distinction.


    People tend to associate 9 November with the fall of the Berlin Wall, but that night checkpoints were also opened along the entire Inner German border. A good way to tell the difference between the two sides is to listen out for the greetings people use. Interestingly, these alternative greetings are part of a broader separation of dialects that occurred during the Cold War.

    This language-separation process, which would have taken centuries at a relatively open border, resulted from the reduced interaction between the two sides and a greater influence from the wider surrounding area. Villagers now have a common Christmas tree and one maypole, for example. They will also celebrate the upcoming 30th anniversary of the fall of the wall together. Exactly one month later, on 9 December, following increased pressure from locals, a small crossing point for pedestrians was officially opened. It was a stunt that made his career with his third film, The Sixth Sense , in , turning a small-scale ghost story into a word-of-mouth smash hit that dominated the box office for an entire summer. Shyamalan has always enjoyed playing with broad genre tropes— The Sixth Sense is a ghost story, Unbreakable is a superhero movie, Signs an alien invasion film, Lady in the Water an outlandish piece of high fantasy. The film plays out as tense thriller more than jumpy horror, as Casey Anya Taylor-Joy tries to negotiate her way to freedom by playing the personalities off of each other. Split plays around with themes of mental illness and trauma in a very schlocky manner, and the patience you might have for that will vary wildly from viewer to viewer.

    Glass was its Lex Luthor-like villain, a wheelchair-bound, brittle-boned mastermind played by Samuel L.