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This is the first that worked! Title : She Hulk 23 Rating :. Download Read Online. Being at war with reality is a choice. You can accept your life and make peace. Or you can continue battling until the end.

If your mind is at peace, but you have nothing else, you can be happy. We are so used to constant battles that being at peace feels like giving up. The absence of conflict seems like cowardice rather than wisdom. So often, we want to get our revenge, our payback. We want others to experience what we experienced. They have to feel our pain.

But, trying to settle the score blinds our wisdom. Emotional, highly charged reactions take over us.

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When something causes us suffering, we look for someone to blame. At some irrational level, we want to make the other guy pay.

Nothing is settled. Nothing is made even. But not to create extra, unnecessary ones. Noah Rasheta uses Tetris as an analogy to explain how we deal with reality. To win, you must position the piece that comes next in the best way possible. You cannot choose the shape though-you must work with whatever the Tetris game throws at you. Instead of fighting reality, you adapt to it. Acceptance helps us neutralize our frustration. We play with the pieces we get instead of expecting them to have a different shape.

Being a peacemaker is choosing wisdom over conflict. As Pendra Chondra wrote on Choosing Peace , when things get out of control, we quickly escalate our emotional reaction. We speak out and act out. She cites the example of terrorists blowing up a bus. The army comes in to settle the score.

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What about pausing and reflecting on why terrorists are so full of hatred? Why did they want to kill innocent people? We look for clarity, not for revenge.

We keep expecting things to be different, versus accepting them as they are. The second step is acceptance. The root cause of suffering is both simple and complex: life is not under our control. The first step of the Alcoholics Anonymous recovery program is vital. We give our feelings, sensations, and emotions some breathing space.

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Accepting yourself with all your weaknesses is the first step towards reconciliation. Our imperfections remind us that nothing in life is perfect. But to stop fighting painful situations and creating unnecessary, extra suffering. We all experience frustration, disappointment, rejection, failure, and loss. Creating an abundant, meaningful life requires to accept the pain that comes with it. Instead of fighting or resisting our emotions, we open up and let them be. Become your best friend.

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Accept the pieces that life throws at you instead of expecting different shapes. Acceptance is not surrendering your dreams but to stop fighting a pointless war. Radical acceptance is defusing the emotional reaction that clouds our understanding. Radical acceptance is saying yes to life as it is. Sitemap

Learn to observe your thoughts, not to see life through them. When you are looking up, watching the clouds go by, there is no resistance. You are observing, not fighting, reality,.