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Petersburg later Leningrad , Kymvali Cymbals. The first literal English translation of O store Gud was by E. There was a desire to replace Johnson's version with the more popular version of British missionary Stuart K. Hine's "How Great Thou Art". Wiberg explains:. Given the popularity of Stuart Hine's translation of How Great Thou Art in the late 60s and early 70s, the Hymnal Commission struggled with whether to go with the more popular version or retain E.

Gustav Johnson's translation. However, economics settled the issue inasmuch as we were unable to pay the exorbitant price requested by the publishing house that owned the copyright despite the fact that the original belonged to the Covenant. O mighty God, when I behold the wonder Of nature's beauty, wrought by words of thine, And how thou leadest all from realms up yonder, Sustaining earthly life with love benign, Refrain: With rapture filled, my soul thy name would laud, O mighty God!

O mighty God! When crushed by guilt of sin before thee kneeling, I plead for mercy and for grace and peace, I feel thy balm and, all my bruises healing, My soul is filled, my heart is set at ease.

Soulful Inspiration...The Last Supper

And when at last the mists of time have vanished And I in truth my faith confirmed shall see, Upon the shores where earthly ills are banished I'll enter Lord, to dwell in peace with thee. While there was sympathy on the commission for retaining this older version, a compromise led to preserving it in printed form on the opposite page of How Great Thou Art, hymn 8.

The new version with fresher language and some striking metaphors seems uneven and incomplete. Hine was led to Christ by Madame Annie Ryall on 22 February , and was baptised shortly thereafter. Hine was influenced greatly by the teachings of British Baptist evangelist Charles Spurgeon. Hine first heard the Russian translation of the German version of the song while on an evangelistic mission to the Carpathian Mountains in Ukraine , near the Polish border, in Hine also started re-writing some of the verses and writing new verses all in Russian as events inspired him.

Soulful Inspiration...The Last Supper

It was typical of the Hines to ask if there were any Christians in the villages they visited. In one case, they found out that the only Christians that their host knew about were a man named Dmitri and his wife Lyudmila. Dmitri's wife knew how to read -- evidently a fairly rare thing at that time and in that place.

She taught herself how to read because a Russian soldier had left a Bible behind several years earlier, and she started slowly learning by reading that Bible.

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When the Hines arrived in the village and approached Dmitri's house, they heard a strange and wonderful sound: Dmitri's wife was reading from the gospel of John about the crucifixion of Christ to a houseful of guests, and those visitors were in the very act of repenting. In Ukraine as I know first hand!

So the Hines heard people calling out to God, saying how unbelievable it was that Christ would die for their own sins, and praising Him for His love and mercy.

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They just couldn't barge in and disrupt this obvious work of the Holy Spirit, so they stayed outside and listened. Stuart wrote down the phrases he heard the Repenters use, and even though this was all in Russian , it became the third verse that we know today: "And when I think that God, His Son not sparing, Sent Him to die, I scarce can take it in. The Hines had to leave Ukraine during the Holodomor or Famine Genocide perpetrated on Ukraine by Joseph Stalin during the winter of —33, and they also left Eastern Europe at the outbreak of the Second World War in , returning to Britain , where they settled in Somerset.

His concern for the exiled Polish community in Britain, who were anxious to return home, provided part of the inspiration for Hine's final verse. One man to whom they were ministering told them an amazing story: he had been separated from his wife at the very end of the war, and had not seen her since. At the time they were separated, his wife was a Christian, but he was not, but he had since been converted.

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His deep desire was to find his wife so they could at last share their faith together. But he told the Hines that he did not think he would ever see his wife on earth again. Instead he was longing for the day when they would meet in heaven, and could share in the Life Eternal there. These words again inspired Hine, and they became the basis for his fourth and final verse to 'How Great Thou Art': "When Christ shall come with shout of acclamation to take me home, what joy shall fill my heart.

In Hine's book, Not You, but God: A Testimony to God's Faithfulness , [23] Hine presents two additional, optional verses that he copyrighted in as a translation of the Russian version, [19] that are generally omitted from hymnals published in the United States:. O when I see ungrateful man defiling This bounteous earth, God's gifts so good and great; In foolish pride, God's holy Name reviling, And yet, in grace, His wrath and judgment wait.

When burdens press, and seem beyond endurance, Bowed down with grief, to Him I lift my face; And then in love He brings me sweet assurance: 'My child! In Hine finished composing the final verse. Hine finalised his English translation in , [24] and published the final four verse version in his own Russian gospel magazine Grace and Peace that same year.

British missionaries began to spread the song around the world to former British colonies in Africa and India in approximately its current English version. With complete album of hymns of other lands Russian melodies, Eastern melodies, etc The tribesmen had arranged the harmony themselves, and a Mennonite missionary had transcribed it.

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Orr was so impressed with the song that he introduced it at the Forest Home Christian Conference Center in the San Bernardino Mountains of southern California founded in by Henrietta Mears born 23 October ; died 19 March in the summer of Mears' publishing company, Gospel Light Press, published Hine's version of the song in Attending the Forest Home college-age conference were Hal Spencer and his sister, Loretta, son and daughter of Tim Spencer , who was a songwriter and publisher of Christian music.

Hal and Loretta borrowed the song sheet from Dr. Orr and brought it home and gave it to their father. Their father was Vernon 'Tim' Spencer born 13 July ; died 26 April , [28] [29] a converted cowboy, and former member of The Sons of the Pioneers , who had founded the newly established Manna Music of Burbank , California in The Manna Music editors changed "works" and "mighty" in Hine's original translation to "worlds" and "rolling" respectively. Find out more about how your privacy is protected.

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