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Learn more More Like This. Drama Fantasy. Stars: Patrick Stewart, Richard E. Grant, Joel Grey. The Browning Version White Christmas Comedy Musical Romance. Holiday Inn Certificate: Passed Comedy Drama Music.

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Christmas in Connecticut Comedy Romance. The Bishop's Wife Comedy Drama Fantasy. Cops and Robbers Comedy Drama. It Happened on Fifth Avenue Comedy Music Romance. The Caine Mutiny Drama War. La Poison Comedy Crime. The Day the Earth Stood Still Drama Sci-Fi. Holiday Affair Comedy Drama Romance. A young widow is romanced by a sales clerk whom she inadvertently got fired. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Alastair Sim Ebenezer Scrooge Kathleen Harrison Dilber Mervyn Johns Bob Cratchit Hermione Baddeley Cratchit Michael Hordern It's A5, 24 pages long and full colour.

You can read the comic online here! All backers with reward tiers will receive a longer version of the comic, totaling 32 pages!

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Rather than being in black and white, the comic will be printed in sepia tones, with four full colour pages. An additional bookmark as a thank-you for all physical reward tiers. I'll also send along a digital file for digital tier backers to print! This is my first Kickstarter, so I've concentrated on keeping things simple and ensuring that there are no big surprises in the event of successful funding.

The comic is completed, so the content is ready to go! That being said, there is always room for delays with printing and shipping. In particular I'm going to be doing all the packing and posting myself, so there's the possibility of me falling behind. I'll keep in touch with backers if any problems arise. There's also the possibility that the design of the printed comic and the rewards might change when I know how much money is available.

I'm committed to making the highest quality product, and I'll make sure not to make any big unexpected changes! A special bookplate edition of the comic with a unique sketch inside, and a special Christmas card to send to your loved ones or to keep. Spread the love with five copies of the comic to give to friends and family or sell, if you'd like!

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You will be showered in yuletide cheer, receiving two heartwarming Victorian-era comics and a one of a kind Christmas card. Nov 29, - Dec 29, 30 days. Share this project Done. I thought it was about time, therefore, that somebody stepped up and took on the task of wading through the assorted versions of A Christmas Carol so that at this festive season, we can truly know which offerings are worth seeking out.

It turns out that this last category was easily the most competitive. Scrooge is played by Seymour Hicks as a wide-eyed and angry old scruff. The actor regularly played Scrooge onstage and would go on to reprise the role in the sound version. The main distinguishing characteristic of this adaptation is that it dispenses with the three Ghosts of past, present and future and instead has Marley stand in for all three. The whole film is made all the eerier thanks to some very well selected backing music which accentuates the haunting moments perfectly.

This third silent offering is even shorter than Old Scrooge and so omits an even greater chunk of the original story. Russell Thorndike is suitably grumpy in the lead role, and all the ghosts are shown on screen, but of the three silent versions, this was not only the least enjoyable, but also suffered due to the fact that it was the worst preserved print of the three. It feels a little churlish to criticise a film from 90 years ago for looking a bit fuzzy, though, so maybe we can let that slide.

The decision to not show the apparition of Marley and instead have Ebenezer talking to an empty chair like a Victorian Clint Eastwood is frankly ridiculous, as the film loses its ghostly element somewhat if the spirits are never even shown. A lack of effects expertise seems an unlikely reason for this, given that earlier silent films had managed to include ghosts to a pretty decent standard.

One can only assume, therefore, that it is a foolhardy artistic decision.


There are three distinct takes on the Scrooge character which actors and directors have opted for over the years. Reginald Owen is a fairly bland and unmemorable Scrooge, edging more towards the pompous blowhard side of the character, but the actor never really convinces as an elderly man and there is some fairly visible age make-up on show throughout.

This version also has the first in a long line of nauseating Tiny Tims. Maybe that says more about me than him, though.

Theater review: Ebenezer Scrooge goes to court in fun-filled sequel to 'A Christmas Carol'

It may not win prizes for its dynamism, but aided by a strong cast and wonderfully fuzzy soft lighting, it warms the cockles regardless. A TV special narrated by Vincent Price with sets seemingly borrowed from a local school Christmas play and a cast with decidedly American accents. I thought about putting that into more erudite and critical language, but came to realise it already summed up the situation perfectly. This is arguably the movie version of A Christmas Carol to which all others are compared. Alastair Sim is absolutely superb as Scrooge, constantly disgruntled with the world; he is a mean and uncaring old man, but with a visible inner pain which few other Scrooges convey.

Dickens was surprisingly vague about both of these facts, and it seems to vary from film to film. The issue of Fan dying while giving birth to Fred is also never directly referenced by Dickens, but it crops up in several of the film adaptations. Fully deserving of its place as a Christmas classic.

go to link An all-singing, all-dancing film starring Albert Finney in the titular role. The other ghosts in this version are a bit strange, the ghost of Christmas Past is just some non-descript old dear and the ghost of Christmas present opts to get Scrooge pissed in order to make him more cheerful. Seems obvious now you think about it.

The sight of some topless hooded demons, looking like extras from a Flash Gordon movie, dragging a chain around a screaming Scrooge, is frankly a bit much. Admittedly, I only have a very limited knowledge of musicals and their merits, but it seems to me that the songs are all fairly average, though they are still annoyingly catchy be warned. The Cratchit family are all irritatingly chipper throughout, although credit must go to the filmmakers for actually having a family of cockneys playing the roles of this working class London family. Not one that many of you will be familiar with, but this Oscar-winning short film is well worth seeking out should you be so inclined.

The first ghost is particularly trippy, as it swiftly zooms Scrooge from past memory to past memory. There is also a particularly malevolent and mean Scrooge voiced by Alastair Sim, reprising the role he made his own in the screen version. Truth be told, I actually watched this version by accident. I was expecting another animated version to arrive from a certain online film rental company, and they sent this one in error. My mistake. It leaves huge swathes of the story out, has absolutely zero charm, and somehow looks more dated than the one from