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Concept maps in teacher education research: A grading method. Teachers and students' judgements of usefulness of motivational strategies. Mercier J. Conceptual maps in teacher education research: A task and scoring method. Bouffard, T. What teachers and preservice teachers think about the usefulness of motivational strategies used in primary classrooms? Nault, G. Professional development related to self-regulated learning and conceptual change for preservice teachers: An intervention-oriented literature review.

A collaborative research about preventing reading failure: Changes in the conceptions and practices of in-service teachers. Evolution of primary school teachers' practices and conceptions in context of ICT-related professional development. Gagnon, C. Kindergarten and first grade interventions for preventing violence and school dropout: The Fluppy multimodal program. A study of self-regulated learning among pre- and primary school teachers engaged in lifelong learning.

Richer, J. Karsenti, T, Larose, F. In-service teachers and technology integration: Validation of a questionnaire on self-regulated learning integrating affective factors. Role and practice of teachers integrating ICT: Observation and interview guides.


Dussault, M. Validation of a questionnaire on teachers' perception of self-efficacy in regards to integration of technology in the classroom. What kindergarten teachers think about the teaching of phonological abilities and letters. The joint impact of explicit reading instruction and two-tier intervention on first-graders' phonemic awareness, word reading, and spelling.

Implementation of a Tier 1 and Tier 2 intervention program in Kindergarten: Impact on phonological awareness and letter knowledge. Incidental vocabulary learning in a kindergarten phonological awareness and alphabetical program.

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Improving at-risk second-graders' reading comprehension through vocabulary or strategy instruction: a randomized field study. Self-regulatory processes used by preservice teachers to learn how to activate and sustain students' motivation within practicum. Letter names and letter sounds: Effectiveness of a prevention program for French-speaking, disadvantaged kindergartners.

Teaching reading comprehension to disadvantaged second graders: A pilot study. Short term impact of the Quebec multimodal prevention program for preventing violence and school dropout. How secondary preservice teachers use self-regulatory processes to learn how to teach and sustain motivation within the context of their practicum.

What teachers and preservice teachers think about the usefulness of motivational strategies used in primary classrooms. The association between children's perceptions of their kindergarten teacher and the quality of teacher-student relationship. Elaboration and validation of a scale measuring self-regulated learning in a context of teachers' educational integration of information technology.

Bourque, I. Future time perspective, goal theory and student motivation in high school. Lapointe, J. Preservice teachers' conceptions of students' motivation within a knowledge-building process. Preservice teachers during practicum : A study of their conceptions of students' motivation as observed through electronic discussion forums. Kindergarten and first grade interventions for preventing violence and school dropout: The Fluppy Multimodal Program. Des capsules de formation : plus que du bonbon!

Rousseau, N. Le logiciel Micha. Leblanc, J. Le Devoir. Beaud, J. Collectif d'auteurs dont Brodeur, M. La dyslexie, une maladie mentale? Deux profs pour une classe. Maternelle 4 ans: L'apprentissage des lettres est aussi important que le jeu. Fortier, M.

Le Devoir Gauvreau, C. Changement de paradigme. Gauvreau, C. Beurdeley, T.

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Quartier Libre. Lambert-Chan, M. Mieux comprendre et soutenir l'apprenant. Breton, P. La Presse. Bourdon, M. Dion-Viens, D. Leduc, L. Letarte, M. Roulot-Ganzmann, H. Le Devoir Rioux, C. Prud'homme, J. Gravel, P. Gervais, L. Dyslexie - L'Office des professions tente de calmer le jeu. En bref - Dyslexie: une coalition s'organise.

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Midi info, Michel C. Radio de Radio Canada. Traduction et adaptation de l'Optimize Intervention Program. Notes : Soumis Brouillette, L.

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Enhancing second graders' comprehension : a randomized trial of vocabulary and strategy instruction. Journal of Educational Psychology. Potvin, M. Implementing research-based instruction to prevent reading problems among low SES students : is earlier better? Poulin, F. Journal of the Canadian Association for Curriculum Studies , 3 1 , 1— Teachers' instructional efficacy and teachers' efficacy toward integration of information technologies in the classroom.

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Psychological Reports , 94 3, supplement , — Human-computer interaction : a review of the research on its affective and social aspects. Canadian Journal of Learning and Technology , 29 1 , 89— Canadian Journal of Educational Communication , 27 3 , — Dans M. Morin, D.

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Alamargot et C. Large-scale dissemination of an evidence-based prevention program for at-risk kindergartners : lessons learned from an effectiveness trial of the Fluppy Program. Boivin et K. Bierman dir. Promoting school readiness and early learning : the implications of developmental research for practice and policy p. New York : Guilford Press.

Dans S. Ouellet dir. Dans D. Daigle, I. Plisson dir. Orthographe et populations exceptionnelles : perspectives didactiques p. Dans F.