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Katharsis - World Without End (Full Album)

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Would you like to add some words, phrases or translations? Yet its energy and off-axis thundering, rhythmic looping and filtering is a rush of extreme excitement.

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I am still not brave enough to play this out, yet it remains one of the most influential records in my collection. I made an edit that enhances the most intense sections, and I made the BPM a little bit faster when playing out at events, with just the right tempo for being lost in heavy, convulsion dancing. It takes over body and mind completely with that overdriven bass pushing against the kick to the absolute edge of my soul.

I had already been influenced by several years of the Artificial Intelligence series from Warp and two stunning albums from Autechre, which defined how I started to appreciate electronic music. However, this track took distortion and noise to a whole new level of epic cold alien invasion.


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I have no doubt this track had a subconscious influence when Eomac and I made Kralle. The moment of satisfaction comes at minute when the grinding machinery kicks in.

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  7. Wanna meet him? I love moments like this—meeting artists from the scene without any planning other than our love for the sound that brings us together.

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    8. I do spend many hours virtually crate digging online. Bandcamp and Soundcloud are my two favourite platforms for discovering great new super underground techno, and this artist is one of my favorite online discoveries. The production on the kicks and percussion is especially huge. I got in touch with her and we had lunch in Berlin.