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What should I expect as I start the free eCourse? Thank you so much! How do I get started? To start studying right away, simply click here and create your free account. From there, you should complete the MCAT Launchpad, which will give you a clear overview of the eCourse, teach you how to attain a top MCAT score, and help you decide what materials to use. After that, feel free to start studying away! Andrew, our Founder and Head Tutor, will be in touch with you shortly. Free Prep Course Premium Upgrades. Personalized The eCourse is completely customizable, allowing you to prep in the way that is best for you.

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Get Started. While most of my friends were spending thousands on a prep course, I decided to study on my own. I quickly learned that there are many prep materials out there, but there is little verified information regarding which ones are the most effective and how to use them in an organized study plan. After scoring in the 99th percentile using my own study plan, I conducted a thorough analysis of other students who had achieved high scores, took what I learned, and created this free eCourse.

Since the creation of this program, several students have followed it to achieve th percentile MCAT scores. I hope you accomplish the same as you utilize this eCourse, and please feel free to reach out with any questions along the way. I am always here to help.


Features Our Free eCourse includes access to all of the following and more! Facebook Study Group Self studying doesn't have to mean studying alone. Personalized Support You can submit a message and get a fast, direct, and personalized response from our CEO. Facebook "I would highly recommend Andrew over ANY prep course — you will get personalized assistance and someone that really wants to see you do your best!

Course Overview. MCAT Launchpad. Biochemistry I. Biochemistry II. Biology I. Biology II. Chemistry I. Chemistry II. Physics I. Physics II. Behavioral Science I. Behavioral Science II.

MCAT Bootcamp. Make sure you know how to use your time effectively and efficiently. Make sure to flag the problems that give you trouble so you can go back to review them. Memorize some things. Using mnemonics can be helpful here.

How to Juggle MCAT Prep and Work (It Can Be Done!) | Gold Standard MCAT Prep

Simulate the real exam. So at least six weeks before your exam, take one day per week to simulate the event by taking a full length practice test.


I recommend having at least five practice tests under your belt before the real thing. Then, spend a few hours the next day reviewing your mistakes.

Personalized Study Schedule

Set and stick to a schedule. There are many tools available for creating your schedule; I just used Google Calendar. Block out time that you know you cannot spend studying, such as when you are at work, are volunteering, or when you are spending time with family. Eliminate distractions. Find a soundscape that is conducive to studying—I like silence or quiet instrumental music because lyrics always distract me. I would usually set a timer for 90 minutes and study straight through.

Then, when the alarm went off, I would take a minute to finish what I was doing and then set the alarm for a minute break. Sitting for extended periods is not healthful, so I would almost always get up and walk around, doing household chores or going outside to get some fresh air.

Study anywhere and everywhere. Pull out flash cards to review if there is down time at work. Watch a good movie here and there, but be careful not to get sucked into a Netflix binge!

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Spiritually: Meditate or pray, and give thanks. Practice an activity that helps give life meaning, something that keeps you from throwing your note cards in the air and your computer out the window.

Keep things in perspective. Of course, without results from my first MCAT, it is difficult to tell just how much using these strategies improved my performance. Good luck! I appreciate the feedback. View all posts by Kevin. Like Like. Like Liked by 1 person.

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  7. I may have just gotten lucky, but I took out a review book from my local library which came with a code that had 4 free practice tests. I was expecting the code to be expired but it worked and I got 4 free tests! Worth a shot! I was taking classes full-time, and also participating in a varsity sport that took up much of my time and weekends. I used the Kaplan Self-Paced MCAT prep primarily, which consists of a content book set, online teaching videos, lots of online practice resources.

    5 Steps to MCAT Self Studying Success

    The Self-Paced worked well for me because of my hectic schedule and confidence that I could keep to a studying schedule without attending an MCAT class. I spent the first 3 and a half months studying the content by reading through the books while also watching the corresponding teaching videos online. I think learning the material in two different formats reading and video every week was very helpful.

    I took one or two full-length practice sets during this time. Once I had finished content, in late April, I spent the final month taking multiple full-length practice tests and reviewing the areas I had trouble in. I went through every problem on the test the next day, even the ones I got right. I had a large Excel sheet with every problem I got wrong, and a short explanation for why I got it wrong along with the content if applicable that would have allowed me to get it right if I had remembered.

    I also had a separate excel sheet for specific topics that I was uncomfortable with and wanted to go over again in detail. I would try and go over these topics the day after taking the practice test.