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It is a story rich in drama and peopled with unforgettable personalities, including the incandescent but enigmatic figure of Roosevelt himself. Even as the New Deal was coping with the Depression, a still more fearsome menace was developing abroad--Hitler's thirst for war in Europe, coupled with the imperial ambitions of Japan in Asia. The same generation of Americans who battled the Depression eventually had to shoulder arms in another conflict that wreaked worldwide destruction, ushered in the nuclear age, and forever changed their own way of life and their country's relationship to the rest of the world.

In a compelling narrative, Kennedy analyzes the determinants of American strategy, the painful choices faced by commanders and statesmen, and the agonies inflicted on the millions of ordinary Americans who were compelled to swallow their fears and face battle as best they could. Kennedy, currently a Donald J.

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Nominated as finalists in History in :. For a narrative history that sets high standards for scholarly judgment and tenacity of inquiry in seeking the truth about the Attica prison riots. A rich and surprising new telling of the journey of the iconic American soldier whose death turns out not to have been the main point of his life. Moved by the Board from the Biography category. For his passionate editorial campaign attacking predatory lending practices in the state, which prompted changes in local lending regulations.

Freedom From Fear

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The panic that grips immigrants who worry their families will be ripped apart as they seek refuge and a better life. Such toxic fear is never far from my mind these days. Tragically, even the start of the school year, which should be a happy and exciting time, has been clouded by fear. After the massive raids by U.

Freedom From Fear

Immigration Customs and Enforcement in Mississippi that same week, many immigrants are so scared that they are not sending their children to school. Eighty percent of teens say their greatest fear is gun violence.

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The specter of the worst of humanity invading what should be our safest spaces is no longer unthinkable. But we need help and resources.

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We need more school counselors, nurses and mental health professionals to deal with the anxiety, bullying and trauma that our students now routinely confront. We need to address the fact that young people are more stressed about gun violence than any other issue—a horrific reality that is unique to the United States.

We need lawmakers to enact real change to our gun laws so that every person can feel safe in school and in our communities. And we need corporations to use their clout to make our country safer; it is infuriating that corporate giants like Walmart sell both guns and bulletproof backpacks, while writing checks to lawmakers who stand in the way of sensible gun laws.

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