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These would change in subsequent years, but the idea of national colors was implemented — and stuck! More colors themselves were added and some changed slightly as more and more new entrants joined the fray.

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To this day, the Ferrari factory teams run with the famed crimson-like shade. Ferrari sponsors have traditionally been respectful to the red racing color — and some have even adapted. Dan Gurney is the only American to win a Grand Prix in a car of his own manufacture. Naturally the Gurney-Westlake sported the American blue with white stripe.

Bruce McLaren and Jack Brabham, both competing in Formula One and sports cars, based their teams in England, where they were far closer to technology and the best building and engineering talent of the day. Germany, was assigned white originally in those first Bennett Cup races. That changed, too.


In developing the dominant pre-war Auto Union cars now Audi and Mercedes-Benz, the German engineers decided that removing the paint from the car saved weight and further streamlined airflow. So the cars ran in polished bare metal. Ultimately, Germany adopted the color for its national representation.

Porsche used it too in the s and s. The national color was still used when Mercedes powered McLaren and also ran silver cars under its own marque in Formula One in recent years.

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BMW, has maintained the traditional white on most of its factory efforts. Many appreciate the beautiful Bugatti F1 and the sound of the famed Matras. Generally you will find the French makes in blue. Even in the late s, when Alain Prost founded his short lived Formula One team and managed to score a Grand Prix win with driver Olivier Panis at Monaco incidentally he is the last Frenchman to win a Grand Prix , his cars, and the Renault team that ultimately took over, ran in French Racing Blue.

Porsche adopted the silver color as pre war German cars ran in polished bare metal.

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They had only produced their first road car in In what was a very ambitious program, the team hired American drivers Ritchie Ginther and Ronnie Bucknum. John Surtees would then win the Italian Grand Prix. In Honda, with its engine-tuning partner Mugen, came back into F1, but only as an engine supplier. When Emerson Fittipaldi, with brother Wilson, founded the ill-fated Coperscar-sponsored Formula One entry, they painted the car in the national colors of Brazil — pale yellow — which matched the flag of the South American country.

Ayrton Senna, several years later would come to be recognized by his yellow and green helmet, again, duplicating the flag. In the late s, the paradigm shifted to sponsorship, which allowed teams to compete at a much higher level with money beyond the winnings and appearance fees originally paid by promoters.


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In the United States, Champ cars had been running in sponsor livery for many years, but in Formula One, the series seemed slow to adopt. Turns out, however that the first F1 team to use sponsorship livery was South African Team Gunston in , privately entering a Brabham for Rhodesian driver John Love. Gunston Cigarettes were the first sponsor-based Formula One livery.

It would be the following race in Spain, that Chapman would reveal the Gold Leaf colors for the first time. By the early s, with the exception of Ferrari, who would always run their cars in Scarlett, national racing colors largely disappeared throughout all racing in favor of big business livery. Many driver helmets, however, for many years to come, continued to display national pride with national liveries. Hi I have been to your site again and see that you got back to me — my apologies. I will be using the colors in my book. Really wonderful to see them — have only read about them in the newspapers of the time.

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The hunt for the racing silks of gr gr grandfather, James S. Watson, Esq. However, if you run across an s drawing of a jockey in those yellow silks — say, perhaps, Billy Burgoyne racing Captain Moore or Aldebaran at Saratoga in August, — those colors belonged to J. Did they wrap their wrist or is it just the uniform sleeves that are more form fitting around the wrist? Also, did jockeys have lots of spare silks? Thanks for your help! Color racing silks from the black and white era, Jan 19th pm We tend to think of the past in black and white.

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