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According to police reports, authorities first encountered Ajayi in May , when campus police found him sleeping on a couch in a housing complex. When asked why he was there, Ajayi said he was waiting for his girlfriend, who lived in a different dorm. Officers later asked to meet Ajayi, but he told them he was headed to bed and had an exam the following morning, reports show.

I told Ayoola that I felt he was being deceitful with me, at which time he hung up on me.

New York will start enforcing its styrofoam ban today. Here's where else it's banned

Ajayi called officers back 30 minutes later and agreed to meet, according to police records. The profile has since been deactivated. Campus police said they notified the Nigerian consulate and Immigration and Customs Enforcement of his arrest. His ex-wife, Tenisha Ajayi, told KUTV that there were signs of violence in their relationship and she stopped talking to him because she feared for her life.

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Toggle navigation. Product bans Bans can be placed on products and product-related services if there is a risk that they may cause serious injury, illness or death. Candles with lead wicks Candles with wicks containing more than 0. Combustible candle holders Candle holders and decorations that ignite from the heat of the candle are permanently banned from supply in Australia. DEHP in children's plastic items The ban applies to toys, childcare articles, eating vessels and utensils that meet certain criteria. Gas masks with asbestos breathing devices Gas masks that contain asbestos are banned from supply in Australia.

6 Things That Are BANNED in America! 🇺🇸

Glucomannan in tablet form Glucomannan in tablet form is banned from supply in Australia. Mini jelly cups containing konjac Mini jelly cups containing konjac are banned in Australia.

Miniature motorbikes with unsafe design features Mini monkey bikes powered by petrol motors, and those with inadequate safety features are banned from sale in Australia.