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I always gave my customers exactly what they paid for. But I was a thrifty man, and it was against my nature to give away something for nothing.

A dozen is twelve, not thirteen! Take it or leave it! From that moment, my luck changed. The next day, my cakes were stolen out of my shop, and the thieves were never found. Then my bread refused to rise. For a week, every loaf of bread I made was so heavy that it fell right through the oven and into the fire. The next week, the bread rose so high that it actually floated up the chimney.

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I was frightened when I saw the loaves floating away across the rooftops. That was the first moment I realized I had been bewitched. It was then that I remembered the old woman who came to my shop, and I was afraid. I was angry.

baker's dozen

How dare she show her face in my shop after all the bad luck she sent my way? I cursed her soundly and showed her the door. Things became worse for me then. My bread soured, and my olykoeks donuts were a disgrace.

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Every cake I made collapsed as soon as it came out of the oven, and my gingerbread children and my cookies lost their flavor. Word was getting around that my bake-shop was no good, and one by one, my customers were falling away. I was angry now, and stubborn.


No witch was going to defeat me. After that day, everything I baked was either burnt or soggy, too light or too heavy. My customers began to avoid my cursed shop, even those who had come to me every day for years.

Finally, my family and I were the only ones eating my baking, and my money was running out. I was desperate. Then I trudged wearily back to my empty shop, wondering what to do. I stirred up a batch of Saint Nicholas cookies and put them into the oven to bake, wondering how this lot would turn out.

a baker's dozen

They've a couple of bakers' dozens of witnesses, all cocked and primed to swear to it! They did not want to be accused of cheating their customers. So 13 items has become known as a baker's dozen. Categories : English 4-syllable words English terms with IPA pronunciation English terms with audio links English lemmas English nouns English countable nouns English idioms English terms with quotations Cockney rhyming slang en:Family members en:Historical numbers en:Thirteen.

Namespaces Entry Discussion. Views Read Edit History. Simply: expecting a loss. Firstly, you dont know if you will occasionally burn an item, or if it just doesnt come out well enough. You may want to make extras to compensate. When people ask for a dozen, you dont want to have only eleven available to sell. You may also want to make extras for yourself, or for your family.

After all, you arent going to buy a full dozen off yourself. Lastly, you may want to entice a buyer to your bakery with a taste test. Another theory is that it represents Jesus and the 12 diciples.

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To make it holy the represent all 13 people at the last supper. I collected dollars today.

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If you said it is wrong, then you need to do your history lessons again about Bakery. There is another theory. I vaguely remember someone telling me story when I was a bit younger, maybe in Elementary school? Because they can always sell customers less without them knowing, so to compensate for this, instead of giving 12 pcs. All are good comments. Your email address will not be published. By the consent of the whole realm of England, the measure of the king was made; that is to say: that an English penny, called a sterling round, and without any clipping, shall weigh thirty-two wheat corns in the midst of the ear, and twenty-pence do make an ounce, and twelve ounces one pound, and eight pounds do make a gallon of wine, and eight gallons of wine do make a London bushel, which is the eighth part of a quarter.

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